Sara is a fifth grade student who loves science a lot. She is concerned with helping others and preserving the environment. Sara dreams to grow up on a safe and beautiful planet with her family and friends. Sara aspires to become a great scientist and she has begun to delve deeper and research what is going on around her and wants to share with you activities. Sara loves to share and benefit others from her experiences - learn with Sara through the following stories that happened with her:

  • The Wise Girl - Sara
  • Sarah's Grandmother
  • Sara's Unique Gift
  • Sara's Building Of Liquids
  • Sara's Trip With Water
  • Sara And The Planets
  • Sara Talks With The Trees
  • Sara's Invention
  • Sara And The Senses
  • Sara's Bag 

For each story, you will find 4 sections when we publish it. Click down below to read and learn from our published stories. The four sections are: 

  1. Listen to the story
  2. Read the story
  3. Watch the experiment 
  4. Summary of what we learn from the story